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TEMPRA LOGISTICS provides end-to-end supply chain solutions. We combine Road Freight with comprehensive Value-Added Logistics Services and Supply Chain Services. The range of Supply Chain Solutions can vary from simple transport or storage up to complex operations.

We optimize all activities around information, material and financial flow. We provide globally integrated end-to-end solutions tailored to our customers’ supply chain management needs with a special commitment to industry specific requirements.


We have at our disposal trucks with a carrying capacity up to 24MT and a volume up to 120m3 (with all loading types), which follows all national and international requirements and standards. For transportations of goods such as metal, metal products, industrial materials, not dangerous chemical goods etc. Cargoes which do not need specific transport conditions.


We provide specialized transport - refrigerators (trucks with refrigerator equipment) which can provide required temperature conditions for perishable products transportations, such as meat, meat products, milk products, vegetables, fruits, canned food etc.


We provide specialized transport (trailers) with all necessary permits for transportation of oversized cargoes. Such as agricultural tractors, combines, boats and another cargoes which can be delivered by standard trucks.


We provide transport for groupage cargoes transportation. Groupage cargoes transportation allow to reduce significantly transportation cost of goods in small quantities, optimize movement of freight transport, avoiding idle mileage and inefficient use of rolling stock. Euro tents, refrigerators, isotherms, small vehicles are used for delivery of groupage cargo. Even a small cargo which require a temperature regime can be delivered like a groupage cargo.

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Effective solutions

You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains. You benefit from every innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Road Freight products, whether it means a development in warehousing, or whether it requires a completely new integrated supply chain model.

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Safety of cargo delivery and cargo delivery control during all transportation process.

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Excellent vehicles conditions well qualify staff let deliver your cargoes on time.

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